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2 ways to use Drive for small to medium businesses

20 March 2017 driveadmin Leave a comment Uncategorized

2 ways to use Drive for Small to Medium Businesses

You don’t need a huge video library to be able to integrate video successfully into your marketing mix.

You may have only produced your 1st video and now you’re wondering what to do with it.

Do you upload it to YouTube and then embed it into your website? Yes you can do that. After all YouTube is the worlds second largest search engine after Google, and so it makes sense to do that. It’s free, it’s easy and once you’ve uploaded it, you should get loads of views. Build the stadium and the visitors will come.



100 hours of video content is currently being uploaded to YouTube every 60 seconds, and the majority of YouTube videos that we’ve seen over the last 4 years have only had a handful of views. It’s a good way to start but on it’s own it’s highly unlikely to set the world alight for your business.

You may need to ask some important questions:

• What do you want your video to do?
• Do you want it to provide information about your services or products?
• Do you want video to be part of your content strategy?
• Is the video part of a Branding exercise?
• Do you want your video to be a ‘push message’ infomercial that you hope will engage and stimulate interest?
• Or do you want to include specific call to actions so your visitor knows what to do next after watching the video?
• How are you going to measure the engagement metrics and understand how your video is achieving your goals?
• Do you want to include the video in your other marketing activities such as Email, PPC, Banner Ads?
• Do you want to easily post the video to Facebook and Twitter?

I realise that this is a lot of questions, and haven’t listed them here to confuse you; more to educate you on some of the choices that you can make, and some of the questions that our clients ask themselves.

The latest research on video engagement is compelling:

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 10.54.19

So having invested in developing your video, let’s look at 2 marketing channels that you can use to promote your video and drive visitors and engagement.

Email marketing. If you’ve started to develop your email subscriber database, then including video in your email is an excellent way to increase open rates and engagement. Recent research indicates that emails that include ‘video’ in the subject line generate an average of 65% higher click through rates

PPC advertising. This is an excellent way to quickly market your products and services and if you can link your PPC ad to open a video and include the word video in your as text copy, even better.

We’ll be discussing more marketing options in our next post.


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