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5 simple yet crucial questions to ask about your video marketing strategy.

10 May 2017 driveadmin Leave a comment Uncategorized

Online video is big business and 2016 saw significant milestones with 20+ billion video views per day across social networks and Youtube.

Explainer videos, product demos, how-to videos, and testimonial based video content have quickly become the most commonly produced and most watched videos in business.

According to the 2016 IBM Marketing Report, integrating video content into email, social media and other digital channels can provide a significant pay off for marketers. Not only are more people engaging with video, but these video interactions are helping drive increased revenue.

It’s not surprising then Brands are no longer asking if video is a worthwhile investment, but how they can better leverage it in more scalable and strategic ways.

To help with this and strip things back to basics, I’ve highlighted 5 key questions that can be a good starting point for companies that recognise the importance and popularity of video, but aren’t sure what the important questions are to ask?

1. What video content do you currently have?

Do you have a video introduction to the company, or an explainer video that walks viewers through your product or service. Or perhaps you have multiple videos for different products or services. A quick inventory of your video content is always a good starting point.

2. Which video platforms are you currently using?

Youtube is obviously the first choice go-to platform for video content; it’s quick, it’s easy and it’s free. And for many companies it’s a fast and easy way to then put a tick in the box next to ‘video’. Likewise Vimeo is another choice that some companies prefer because of a slightly different feature set. Of course this doesn’t have to be an either/or decision and some companies upload their videos to both platforms. I’ve uploaded our explainer video to our Youtube Channel so that I include it in this article.

3. What’s the required outcome from your videos?

This is where things start to get more interesting and the answer to this question will vary considerably depending on which department you’re in. For example the Branding department is likely be focused on KPI’s such as the number of views of the video content and overall reach. However if you’re in the E-Commerce department you’ll be more focused on conversion KPI’s such as revenue. The Social Media department is likely to be focused more on likes, shares and comments.

With such contrasting requirements it’s clear that a video content strategy will ideally cater for the needs of the different departments, and having a cohesive plan and agreed goal-set for each department is very important.

4. How are you currently incorporating video promotion into your marketing strategy?

For many companies this is a ‘crunch’ question, because this is where many business’s struggle. Some think that embedding the Youtube or Vimeo video into a page in their website is all that’s needed, or all that’s on offer.

But that isn’t so. Other companies have carried out additional promotional campaigns such as Truview in Youtube, or gone one step further and invested in dedicated programmatic video advertising. I’ll talk about more about these in a future article, but for now let’s look at the last of the 5 questions, and give yourself an honest answer on this………

5. Are you achieving your video goals?

We’re now in the age of accountability and measurement where all online marketing activities are subject to more detailed analysis. So why should your video content be any different? The free platforms do provide some good basic data on the number of video views, and if views are the only important metric than that’s fine. But if you want to be able to measure more than just views and be able to ring-fence your video library and video marketing activities into your own company ecosystem, you may need to start looking at 3rd party online video platforms.

And that’s going to be the subject of my next article, and where things get really interesting……

For now though I hope this article has helped to highlight some basic key questions to ask. Without doubt the upward trends suggest that the importance of video in business is going to become even more prevalent and even more important to understand and harness.



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