Our parent company 43 Digital was formed in 2011 and since then has been providing our class leading Online Video Platform (OVP) to a number of high profile clients including Thomas Pink, eBookers, Schuh and many other businesses.

Over this period many companies that we spoke to asked us about the possibility of developing tactical video software that could be instantly deployed to boost engagement, sales and conversions.

We discovered that as well as self-managing large video libraries, more and more businesses wanted to be able to easily incorporate their videos into all of their marketing activities.

With online video engagement increasing at record levels there was a clear need to develop dedicated software that would allow video content to be commercially harnessed across the board.

This included on-page, within Email marketing campaigns, across PPC advertising, in Banner and Display advertising and both in and through popular Social Networks including Facebook and Twitter.

So in 2016 we took a must-have wish list of new functionality to our software development team. Fast-forward 12 months to 2017 and we are proud to have developed and launched Drive.

Drive is unique and powerful software that allows companies of all sizes to instantly harness the power of video, and dovetail it into all of their marketing channels.

Fully deployable in minutes, not weeks or months, and with no time-consuming or expensive technical integration.

Incorporating sophisticated real-time analytics to facilitate a clear understanding of the ROI from video content.

We believe that Drive sets a new benchmark and helps to fulfill the needs of businesses that wish to benefit from this rapidly developing sector.