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Hey everyone, Drive is Live !!

13 March 2017 driveadmin Leave a comment News

Hey everyone, Drive is Live!!

After a year of development and far too many sleepness nights by our UK tech development team, we’re delighted to launch Drive.

Over the last couple of years many of our clients have spoken to us about their need to use video in far more tactical ways. Not just as a ‘push message’ medium of communication but as something far more engaging, versatile and measurable. So we took on the challenge to design brand new out-of-the-box online video technology..

And we’ve called it Drive.

Over the coming days and weeks we’ll be writing posts and creating videos which will all be geared towards showing you different ways to use Drive tactically as an effective part of your video marketing strategy.

Online video is big business and 2016 saw significant milestones with 20+ billion video views per day across social networks and Youtube.

Explainer videos, product demos, how-to videos, and testimonial based video content have quickly become the most commonly produced and most watched videos in business.

Therefore Brands are no longer asking if video is a worthwhile investment but how they can better leverage it in more scalable and strategic ways.

Lastly we don’t want this Blog to be one-way comms, so do feel free to post your comments and join in.

The Drive Team.


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