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So what’s the difference between Drive and Youtube?

27 March 2017 driveadmin Leave a comment News

A number of people have asked us recently what the difference is between Drive and YouTube and so we’ve published this quick explainer.

Drive has been designed for businesses that want to take full control of their video assets and keep their visitors inside their website ecosystem, not distracted elsewhere by competitor advertising, negative comments or inappropriate content.

Now we all know that you can upload your video to YouTube and embed it into your website, but Drive takes this to a completely different level of focused engagement.

Rather than your visitors just watching the video and then deciding what to do next, you’re able to feature your video inside a powerful creative MediaBox panel.

This centralises your visitor on your video message whilst simultaneously providing immediate and specific call-to-action options. All housed in a bespoke branded pop up overlay.

Take a look at this great England Netball example:
Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 14.18.28

And look at these results:

“England Netball have had outstanding results utilising the Drive Mediabox in their recent Super 10 campaign. Click through rates from PPC to the Mediabox were up to 400% higher than other PPC campaigns. Facebook Ads achieved over 100% higher click throughs, and the highest percentage of likes compared to other Facebook ads. We were able to generate almost 5 times as many video views in 5 days than we have for some of our You Tube videos in 2 years!”
Matt Cook Director of Marketing and Commercial at England Netball

Another standout advantage is the privision of segmented analytics whic provide actionable insights on a broad range of engagement metrics that go way beyond what Youtube can provide.

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 15.54.43

Armed with this immediate feedback you can see instantly what’s working.

And you can’t do any of that with a YouTube video.

Now we’re not suggesting that you stop using YouTube, but if you want a far more powerful way to use and understand exactly what video is doing for your business, then Drive provides exactly that.


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