Introducing Drive

Our streaming video platform generates dynamic videos based on your current inventory. The videos are then distributed to  platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, CTV, OTT and programmatic networks, in a matter of seconds.

Track in-store visits

Our number one goal for your dealership is to drive actual traffic to your showroom. We track every visit from every consumer we reach.

Real-Time Updates

Real-time updates to pricing, incentives, disclaimers and any other changes. Your videos are constantly changing with your inventory.

Fully Automated

The platform is completely automated, pulling in your inventory and generating thousands of streaming video campaigns in a matter of seconds.

How it Works

Drive manages and optimizes each streaming video campaign across YouTube, Facebook, CTV, OTT, and all programmatic channels to consistently maximize ROI and deliver more sales and service appointments. Drive combines a personalized digital shopping experience with an actual VIN from your website.

Omni-Channel Deployment
Programmatic, OTT, CTV.
Profit Center Strategy
New, Certified Pre-Owned & Service.
Cutting the cord
70 million American households now consuming content via CTV.
Data Partners
Oracle, IHS Automotive, TruOptik.
VIN Specific Creative
Matching audience behavior.
Unlimited Videos
Unlimited videos that match your actual inventory for every OEM.

Streaming Audio

Drive also works with all available streaming audio platforms.  You can now create a true omni-channel streaming experience for your customers in one platform, while tracking actual store visits.


Of the US population listen to streaming radio weekly.


Hours the average American spends each week streaming audio.

See how Drive works

Streaming Video Examples

Our platform instantly delivers OEM creative to match your dealership and your inventory.


$ cost per store visit


% YouTube view thru rate


% more efficient CPM


cents per completed YouTube view

Client Results

Results from the clients speak for themselves. Our dealers are seeing impressive numbers using our award-winning streaming video platform.  Set your dealership’s inventory in motion today.

Platform Coverage

Our platform publishes videos across all channels including: Facebook, Youtube, CTV, OTT and all other programmatic channels.

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